Published on April 26, 2008 By Frankief In Help
Is there possibally a snafu going on with submissions? I have new uploads on my personal page that are showing ratings but are still in moderation. I couldn't pssibally have gotten five stars on three uploads, that would be an impossible dream!
on Apr 26, 2008
Its a snafu that some people know how to exploit.  They are being watched.
on Apr 26, 2008
The ratings had me excited the first time it happened, but after it happened two more times, I knew something wasn't right. Is this holding up the moderation process? Just curious!
on Apr 26, 2008
Yes and no, its the weekend, things are slow.
on Apr 27, 2008
Thanks so much for your prompt reply and for clarifying things for me! I really appreciate it!